VOTE DIANA SEABECK State Senate Your support of this campaign is a statement for: Improving education through local control, higher efficiency and proven educational methods and curriculum. DIANA SEABECK STANDS IN SUPPORT OF OUR WORKING TEACHERS AND FULLY SUPPORTS THEIR EFFORTS TO GET MORE FUNDING IN THE CLASSROOM. #1. I call upon all citizens who value their community to join in supporting our working teachers by advocating that state block grant funds go directly to local school districts. #2. I fully support the concept of quality education for every child. No child should be left behind. An uneducated child is denied the opportunity to be all they can be. I believe that public education is a local responsibility. I'm committed to the preservation of the neighborhood school with local control. #3. I believe that taxpayer educational dollars should be spent for improved classroom instruction not for unneeded mandated administrative functions. Schools should
VOTE Seabeck For Wyoming State Senate, District 9 P.O. Box 1945, Laramie, WY 82073 307-742-7956 Transparency – I will be available to voters and will not ‘disappear’ once elected Trustworthy – I will research the issues, ask questions, and will not only welcome constituents’ input but will seek it out Dependability – I will abide by my responsibilities in the Legislature and be responsive to my constituents Principled – I believe individual liberty and equality of opportunity is provided for in natural law. I believe that good governing tries to adhere to a balance between the tendency in all governments to move toward extremes—the extremes of totalitarianism/dictatorship and anarchy/lawlessness. Our U.S. Constitution strives for a balance between the two. Therefore, I will evaluate prospective laws based on their alignment with the Wyoming and U.S. Constitutions. INTRODUCTION My name is Diana Seabeck and I am running as the Republican candidate for